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the #1 secret for organic SEO results

The Search Engine Optimization secret for great website positioning and web rankings is, there is no secret. There is no magic switch. There is no overnight success. There is no "altcha-gotta-do" method, and there is certainly no single method to optimize search engine rankings.

Sure there are many (self proclaimed) SEO experts who believe they have organic SEO capabilities.

Yes, It's relatively easy to optimize any website that has little or no competition. Some of these experts believe they have had successful results by typing in a unique company name in a search engine and viewing that company name in first page, first position results. Is this search engine optimization? Possibly, In it's lowest form. Unfortunately when some experts are tasked (and given the opportunity) of a real SEO project, they fall short and can not produce successful results. They find themselves in a position of undeliverable ranking results, broken promises, underestimated costs, dodging phone calls and ultimately either giving up or in rare cases, outsourcing the SEO project to a competitor.  

legitimate WEBSITE optimization process

In a legitimate scenario, a website optimization firm will research and evaluate your company website and current positioning rankings. A major attribute of evaluation is comparing your level of ranking to that of your competition. Also, an SEO company with experience will determine if your company website is blacklisted due to prior failed attempts of search engine optimization. This is a hurdle no marketing company wants to deal with since this will raise the cost substantially. In some cases, a SEO consultant will not attempt resurrection of your website rankings at all and possibly recommend another specialized company.

SEO consultant price quote bottom line objective

In order for a SEO consultant  to provide your company with a price quote for SEO, there are several procedures and processes to consider during web presence evaluation. But the bottom line for the SEO consultant is to determine how many hours it will take to accomplish acceptable and/or exceed customer expectations for search engine ranking results. This is what it comes down to. How well the SEO consultant can pre-determine working hours vs. dramatic successful SEO results. Only marketing consultants with experience and proven marketing tools can determine the approximate number of hours to task. This is where the self proclaimed and real marketing companies separate. Beware of the individual who will say anything you want to hear to acquire your project. This individual did absolutely no research at all. This is why many companies can not understand the substantial gap in price quotes for SEO SERVICES.
They ask themselves, how can one company quote $1,000 and another company $25k?
We would venture to say, it is the true marketing company who will give you the more realistic picture with statistical information and a price they can explain in terms you can understand.

What Do Don't do!

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We don't take on a project if we do not feel we can produce results. We do not commit to any search engine optimization project unless we can commit to it.

We are a team of  internet Marketing Strategists with extensive experience in the organic Search Engine Optimization arena. We posses a unique skill set for internet marketing and search engine optimization.

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We offer several turnkey packages to fit virtually every budget. We partner with our clients and strive for their success. We take pride in providing you with best in class service, from web design to web hosting to search engine optimization solutions.

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Our company, headquartered in New Jersey,  is a leading provider of internet services & products  since 2002. We're proud to be one of the most trusted sources of technical services & leading technology information in our regional area.

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Search Engine Optimization Services

Our SEO company, headquartered in New Jersey,  offers several SEO packages based on your product and/or service in conjunction with the amount of competitors in your industry. We will demonstrate how you can compete in your industry in several ways which will gradually increase your website presence positioning.  

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